Adding your own logo

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There is a place for your logo in every design. It can be in text or graphic form.

Part of the correct website is also a favicon - a placeholder image, which is displayed in the bookmarks bar next to the title.

Adding a text logo

In the administration on any page, click on the website logo and overwrite the default text. If you have an image logo uploaded, you must first delete it for the text to take precedence in the display.

Adding an image logo

To add an image logo:

  1. in the page editing, click on the default website logo,
  2. in the logo settings tab, click Select Image.

You can upload a logo from your computer or select it from the image gallery if you have previously uploaded it. The pictorial logo always takes precedence in the display over the text itself. It is not possible to display both the image and text logo. If you want to display the logo and the text of the website at the same time, insert the text directly into the image.

Make sure that the selected file has the correct requirements.

Adding a favicon

Favicon is an icon that helps a site visitor identify your site in open window tabs by a simple icon.

To add a favicon, use the same settings as for the logo above.

  1. in the page editing, click on the default website logo,
  2. in the logo settings tab, click on Favicon.
  3. now just select an image either from the gallery or directly from your computer

Tip: Favicon

PNG format and a square size of at least 310 × 310 are allowed.

Changing the logo settings

You can change the size of the logo and for the text variant also the font, cut and color of the text.

To set the logo parameters:

  1. in the main navigation, switch to the Design tab,
  2. select the Header section and then Logo,
  3. a window will open in which you can change the size of the logo, or the color and typeface of the text logo.

The position of the logo is firmly attached to the design and cannot be changed. At the same time, the logo serves as a link to the homepage of your website.

How to prepare a logo for solidpixels

Upload the logo in * .png or * .svg format with a transparent background. When changing the color of the header, it is not necessary to change the background of the logo, because thanks to the transparency, the set color of the header will be visible.

Think of sufficient logo resolution. Depending on the specific case, the logo should be at least 150 px wide.

Logos are often processed in classic and inverse color variants. Always choose a variation that contrasts with the background of the site header.

Solidpixels automatically monitors the protection zone of the logo. Therefore, it is better to upload a logo without a protection zone so that the space is not unnecessarily large. The protection zone defines the distance of the logo from other elements. It is used to protect the logo so that it remains a distinctive element.

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