The Links Block

2 minutes

Links allow you to clearly list chosen metadata, which are already on the website. This way, you don’t have to do the same job twice and deal with formatting.

You can also count on new data being added to the list as you add them to the system. Automatically, without any work.

Metadata sources and their limitations

What is metadata? It’s information, thanks to which you can easily sort products and services. Information that you can list in solidpixels this way include:

  • product categories,
  • product tags,
  • article categories,
  • article tags,
  • article authors

You have a choice of listing all the metadata in the system, or limit the listing to only specific items. You can use smart help to quickly choose the links which you want to make more visible.


Compared to filters, which are available when using The List Block, Links offer more options. You can place them anywhere within the structure of the page as you need, for example to liven up an article with links to related categories.

Simple list of product categories can be for example used in the footer.

Compared to a simple text block, you can once again depend on automatic updates. All it takes is adding a new category and the changes will appear in all the blocks which are listing something. There is no need to go through the whole website to check, if you didn’t forget something.