The Quote Block

2 minutes

The Quote Block is used to cite people on the website in a friendly visual form.

How to create a quote

After dragging The Quote Block to the page, the settings can be opened by clicking the centre of the block. In the settings, there are three text fields. The first is for the text of the quote and the author of the quote belongs to the second field. The third field can be used to include additional information about the author. You can also change the text alignment here.

Adding an image

An image of the author can be added to the quote in the form of a small icon. Clicking “Add an image” will open the gallery of all files uploaded to the website, from which you can choose the image you want to use. If needed, you can also upload a new picture. Masking determines if the photo will be in the shape of a square or a circle.


In the advanced settings, the ID can be very useful to you. It is used to create a link using an anchor. You can learn more about setting up and using anchors in this article.