The Social Icons Block

2 minutes

Social icons serve as links to your social media.

It offers the option to add links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and many more social networks.

How to add social icons

After dragging The Social Icons Block to the page, the settings can be opened by clicking the centre of the block.

Using the “Add” button you can add additional social networks, which you can switch around or delete. By clicking the name of the social network, you can change the network you want  to link to.

For the icons to appear, you have to enter the URL address to the account which you want to share, into the text field next to the social network name.

Appearance of the icons

The social networks can be displayed in four different ways.

1. Just the icons

2. Links without the icons

3. Links with the icons

4. Buttons with the icons

You can also change the alignment of the icons.


In the advanced settings, the ID can be very useful to you. It is used to create a link using an anchor. You can learn more about setting up and using anchors in this article.