The Text Block

2 minutes

The Text Block allows you to insert any text on your website. Using this block, you can create headings, paragraphs, lists and other forms of text.


You can edit text by clicking it.

There are a number of different options available when editing text. In the toolbar, you can change the text style - it determines whether the text is just the regular text used in the paragraphs or if it's one of the four available levels of headings (H1 to H4). There are also options to use different formatting (bold, underline, italic) and to highlight the text. The enlarge text function can make any text style (paragraph and heading) larger by 20%. You can also add numbering or bullets to paragraphs, align the text, create a table or add a link to the highlighted text.

Font, text color, its basic size and other attributes can be changed in the design settings of your website. These settings make the website uniform, all the changes manifest throughout the whole website and you don’t need to edit every text individually.

Tip: How to make a non-breaking space? If you want two words to stay together no matter what, you can use a non-breaking space. In most browsers, all you need to do is to type two spaces and then delete the second one. If you are using the Safari browser, press alt+spacebar. But remember, you need to edit text according to the final appearance of your website. In the editor, the website is arranged differently due to the narrower preview of the website.