Think about SEO when choosing your administration

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A number of factors influence good search results, and much of it depends on the technical solution you use to build your site. It is therefore worth thinking about SEO when choosing the administration for your website.

The choice of administration alone will not guarantee you good SEO results, but it will make your job easier. Choosing the right one will save you a lot of time, money and effort. What to choose?

Control over content

Edit title <title>

Make sure you can easily edit the headline for each page separately and independently of headings or other page settings.

For large e-shops, you will appreciate the automatic generation of headlines according to the parameters you specify.

The HTML <title> tag may not be visible to the average visitor, but it is very important for SEO. It influences your page ranking and shows up as a title in the search results listing

Edit meta description

Similar to the title, you need the ability to edit the description separately for each page of your website.

While not a ranking factor for search engines, the meta description does play a role in how a page is described in the search listing. An apt description will increase the chances that a visitor will continue to your site.

Tip: Meta keywords no longer play a role in ranking

Keywords are ignored by browsers because they are often misused. This is confirmed by both Seznam and Google in their help.

Using styled headings

It is important to support properly styled headings. Headings are important for SEO and visitors because they convey the structure and organization of the content. They help to distinguish the importance of individual elements at a glance and hint at the content of the page.

Content categorization

For pages with a lot of content, you can use categorization and tagging of individual pages. This makes it easy to create pages that focus on a specific topic or product type. These are good landing pages for relevant search queries.

Working with images

Administration should allow you to edit alt captions and preserve file naming.

The file name and alt label are invisible to the average visitor, but browsers can recognize the content of images because of them. By correctly naming and filling in the alt labels , you will refine the relevance of the page and increase the chance of getting around in image search results.

In addition, captions are also useful for visitors with slower connections or when the site loads poorly.

Technical parameters

Readable and properly structured url addresses

Evaluation factors include the form and structure of the URL. What should the generated url look like?

  • Readable for the visitor and descriptive, i.e. conveying the essence of the page

  • spaces between words expressed by a hyphen

  • without capital letters, special characters and numerical designations

  • no unnecessary duplication, e.g. when placing an article in multiple categories

An example of an ideal url address is:
On the other hand, avoid admin systems that generate URLs like:

Editing the url should not necessarily depend on editing the title or headline of the page.

Duplicate pages treatment

Duplicate content is mainly a problem for larger websites such as online stores. For example, this is a situation where there are listings available on the site that can be sorted by various parameters.

Duplicate content lowers search engine rankings. Therefore, make sure that the administration does not generate unnecessary duplicates and natural duplicates are marked with the canonical tag.

By tagging canonical url addresses, you are indicating what form to include in searches and marking duplicates.

Optimizing page speed

Visitors want the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Speed has a direct impact on the ranking of results.

A number of factors influence site speed, from hosting and servers, protocol version, code cleanliness, to optimization of images and graphics.

There are plenty of tools available to measure site speed, such as PageSpeed Insights, which will show you the weakest pages.

Automatic generation of XML sitemaps

An automatically generated and updated xml sitemap will help to index your site faster by search engine robots.

It is a sitemap containing a list of all URLs. In the administration all the information needed to create it is provided.

Control over indexed pages

When responding to your query, browsers don't crawl the entire internet, but their own database, called an index. The index is maintained by robots that have only a limited time to look at your website.

You can use the indexing ban for pages that you don't want to let visitors directly from search results, such as steps in the buying process or thank you pages after a conversion has been sent.

You can also use the indexing ban when creating internal or test pages.

Linkbuilding and social networks

301 redirect settings

The ability to set up 301 redirects in the administration will save your search rankings when you change URLs.

A permanent 301 redirect tells the search engine that the page content has been permanently moved to the new address. The search engine remembers the new address and transfers the ranking of the previous link to the new one. This way, you won't lose your search rank even if the URL changes.

Some systems automatically create a redirect of the old address to the new one when the url is changed.

Connecting to social networks

Social media activity also boosts SEO rankings. The ability to edit Facebook OpenGraph tags to control the display of shared pages, or to insert buttons to share content on social networks can help.

Different properties may have different priorities for different types of pages. It is up to you to prioritize your purposes and choose the administration system in which to create and manage your site accordingly.

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