What is a landing page

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a separate website that directs a visitor to a single conversion action, such as downloading an ebook or registering for an event. It is most often created for the purposes of marketing campaigns and, unlike the main website, it follows different principles.

Marketers often use the homepage or other subpages of the main site as the landing pages. However, the main website is created for a different purpose and has little in common with a specific campaign. The investment made in the campaign is usually wasted or significantly less effective. The visitor must feel that he is approaching the goal with each step. Therefore, it is necessary to think not only how to bring visitors to the site, but also where to lead them. Working with a landing page allows you to pass on to the visitor the information they expect and direct them to complete the conversion goal.

landing page example

Tip: Creating landing pages within the main site

On solidpixels it is possible to create landing pages within the classic company website. For a static page, you can hide the navigation and footer of the site. You create content for a specific campaign just like any other site.

Thanks to the use of one platform for the main website and performance pages, it is not necessary to create content and design twice and still make the most of the potential of campaigns. Try solidpixels for 14 days for free.

Landing page elements

The purpose of landing pages is reflected in the content and arrangement of individual elements on the page. Each element on the page must reflect the goal. The main idea is not to distract the visitor with a large amount of information and links, but on the contrary to focus his attention on the chosen goal. Therefore, the landing page usually does not contain navigation, signposts or footers. Graphic elements and images can also distract from important information. They have their justification if they bring informational value.

Visitors typically reach the landing page by clicking an online advertisement, such as a PPC ad or email. Therefore, the content of the page also depends on the previous communication. The information must correspond to the expectations and needs of the visitors we want to bring to the site.

LCall to action

The most important element of any landing page is the call to action. It must be clear to the visitor from the first moment what is expected of him and what benefits the click will bring him. Buttons and forms are a means of fulfilling the action.

landing page example

When to use the landing page

The landing page can be used for all campaigns or projects that have only one goal. It's important to choose the appropriate call to action and determine the conversion for a particular landing page in advance.

Here are some of the most common scenarios in which a landing page is used:

  • sale of one specific product or service,
  • event registration (seminar, business breakfast, conference),
  • arranging a personal meeting or establishing contact,
  • ebook download,
  • newsletter subscription,
  • access to a secure part of the site with additional content.

Work with acquired data and their protection

All data sent by the user via the forms on the landing page are automatically stored in the database. In the administration, it is possible to manage contacts using two modules, in which the data are grouped according to the visitor's forms or email. The entire content of the communication between the visitor and the server is secure and in accordance with the GDPR directive.

Connection to CRM and newsletter systems

Integration with CRM systems helps to make the most of the potential of business opportunities. Data from different systems are often inconsistent, making their processing and analysis difficult. Properly set-up integration allows not only to manage contacts, but also to appropriately sort and communicate with potential customers based on their previous steps.

Solidpixels enables automatic integration with Raynet, Salesforce, Pipedrive CRM systems and Smartemailing and Mailchimp newsletter tools. After connecting both systems, the contacts are stored in the system you selected and the administration of solidpixels.

solidpixels integration

Marketing automation

Email is one of the basic channels for communication with customers and by connecting to systems you get important data for marketing automation. Automatic integration with systems enables data unification and thus minimizes repetitive manual tasks. Thanks to this, you can optimize your communication and make full use of the potential of the acquired contacts.

Tip: How to create a great landing page?

Read the follow-up article with practical tips on How to create a great landing page not only on the solidpixels platform.

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