Creating and managing a blog

7 minutes

A blog on solidpixels consists of two parts: a database of articles and a page with their listing.

Creating a new article

Articles must first be created in a database. Each article has its own page and settings.

To create an article:

  1. in the main navigation, go to the Articles tab and click on New record in the upper right corner,
  2. enter the name of the article and click Save,
  3. the detail of the article will be opened. There, you can create the content block by block the same way you would on regular pages of the website,
  4. assign tags and categories in the article settings, add an annotation, meta tags, or a photo for listings,
  5. after editing, the article must be published, on the page with the content editing of the article, click the Publish button.

TIP: Pay attention to the date of publication. If you set a date in the future, the article will not appear until the selected date after publication.

Article settings

For each article, you can set additional information such as the author of the article, caption or open graph tags:

  1. go to the detail of the article you want to edit,
  2. click the gear icon in the upper left corner switcher,
  3. there are three tabs in the settings, in each you edit different information:

The Settings tab contains information that is written in the article header or in their listings:

  • name and the author of the article,
  • you can set the date and time of the publication in the future, then the article will be displayed on the website at the specified date and time,
  • categories and tags for sorting articles,
  • the annotation is displayed in the list of articles,
  • gallery to which you can add an image for listings and an article header.

In the SEO tab you set information for search engines and social networks:

  • title is the text that appears in search engines as the title of the result and in the browser tab,
  • the URL of the article, by default it is updated according to the page title, but you can change it independently of other settings,
  • use the description to set the meta description tag,
  • The Open Graph title and description affect how the link appears when shared on social networks.

For more information about the features and functions that will help you with SEO optimization, see the article How solidpixels can help you with optimization.

Sorting articles using categories and tags

Sorting articles by categories and tags allows you to work independently with articles on a distinct topic. The functionality of categories and tags is the same for articles.

To assign an article to a category or tag:

  1. in the main navigation, select the Articles tab and then Categories (or Tags).
  2. click the New Record button in the upper right corner,
  3. fill in the name and save the record,
  4. go to the settings of the article you want to include in the category or tag,
  5. in the Settings tab, assign the category or tags to the article.

A page with a list of articles is automatically created for each tag and category. You can find it at the url of

Authors of articles

You can assign an author to each article:

  1. in the main navigation, select the Articles tab and then Authors,
  2. click the New Record button in the upper right corner,
  3. fill in the Pseudonym or other items you want to use,
  4. save the record,
  5. go to the settings of a specific article,
  6. choose the author of the article.

After creating the author in the administration, a page with a list of the author's articles will be created automatically. You can find it at the url of

As with articles, you can add additional information in the settings and set parameters for SEO. The Articles tab lists all articles written by the given author.

In addition, you can view information about the author of the article in the article header or in the article listing. You can set this information directly in the report settings.

Adding a list of articles to a page

You can add a list of articles to any page on your site:

  1. go to the editing of the page to which you want to add a list of articles,
  2. select List from the block menu and drag the block to the page.
  3. click on the list to go to its settings,
  4. select the Data tab and select Articles as the source:
    • you can limit the list to articles by a specific author, a category, tag or manually select individual articles to be displayed,
    • set the sorting of articles (from the oldest or from the newest),
    • limit the number of items that are displayed.

You can have any number of listings on the site, each of which can display different data and look different.

Customizing the appearance of the article list

Customize each listing in the settings:

  1. go to the list settings,
  2. select the Appearance tab, you can set for example:
    • list of articles in columns or as a list,
    • displaying images and metadata,
    • number of columns,
    • or highlighting the first item. 

Blog settings

To change the settings of a blog:

  1. in the main navigation, select the Articles tab and then Settings,
  2. in the settings you can change:
    • url address prefix to be used in the address of all articles. E.g. for "articles" the address will be displayed in the form of
    • date format on the list and detail of articles
    • displaying links to share the article on social networks.