SEO: How solidpixels can help you with optimization

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SEO is no longer about the amount of keywords. Search engine optimization applies to almost all areas of web development and follows the simple lesson - what's good for the visitor is good for SEO.

Good rankings are the result of continuous work. Below you will find a list of SEO-friendly features and functions that will make optimization easier. We deal with the technical side of SEO for you.

Features and functions useful for SEO

Setting meta tags

You can edit the title and meta description for all static pages, articles, categories and tags.

To set the metadata:

  1. open an article or page
  2. go to the Settings tab and for articles, go to the SEO tab in the Settings
  3. fill in the title or description.

By default, the title is updated according to the name of the article or page. You can change this in Settings and work with the title independently of other parameters.

You can also set the start (prefix) and end (suffix) of the title in the administration. All pages of the site will display a headline starting or ending with this text. You can use this for example to insert the brand name into the headline.

To set the prefix and suffix:

  • in the main navigation, choose the Settings tab
  • choose Website settings
  • fill in the prefix or suffix of the title.

You can also edit keywords. However, both Google and Seznam confirm in their tips that keywords listed in the keywords tag are not relevant to page rank.

TIP: Different description in search results is not an error

Search engines do not always display the description you have prepared. For example, Google edits the descripiton according to the user's query. If the description doesn't match the query, Google creates a description from the content.

Set headings

HTML tags are added automatically and do not need to be entered manually.

To set the heading:

  1. select the text you want to mark as the heading,
  2. in the text formatting bar, select a font style.

Working with images

You can add an alt description to each image in its settings.

To set the alt description:

  1. click on the image for which you want to set the alt description,

  2. go to the Advanced tab,

  3. fill in the Alternative description field.

When uploading images, solidpixels preserves the name under which you upload the image. When auto-optimizing, it only adds to the name the information for which resolution the image is created.

With proper naming and captioning, you can refine your page content and appear in image searches.

Legible and clear URL

Solidpixels generates clear and easy-to-read addresses. By default, the URL is updated according to the title of the page or article. You can change the settings and edit the URL independently of the other parameters.

Redirection settings

You can manage the redirection yourself in the administration. For specific pages and articles, you can enable the option to automatically create redirects when the URL changes.

To set up redirection:

  1. in the main menu, go to the Settings tab,
  2. open the Redirection tab,
  3. insert the original and new url in the form

Thanks to redirection, you won't lose your search position even if you change the URL.

Control over indexed pages

You can disable indexing for static pages and articles that are not SEO relevant or are for your internal purposes:

  1. open the detail of the page or article you don't want to index,
  2. go to Settings,
  3. turn off the Show page in search results option.

Open Graph tag settings

With OG tags, you'll be in control of the look and feel of your site when you share it on social media. Solidpixels supports Open Graph tags for title, description and image.

To set Open Graph tags:

  1. open an article or page and go to the Settings tab,
  2. upload an image to the gallery for listing or sharing,
  3. switch to the SEO tab and fill in the OG tag for the description and headline.

TIP: Connection to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a useful tool for optimizing your website for search engines. Search Console is a free service that helps you monitor and manage how your site appears in Google searches. Find out, how to connect Search Console to your website.

What does solidpixels solve for you?

Website speed

We will take care of the technical background and technology for you. For example, we use the new and faster HTTP/2 protocol and regularly run automatic image optimization.

Responsive website from the ground up

All pre-made designs are fully responsive. Layout builder is set to make all content you create responsive.

XML Sitemap

Solidpixels creates a sitemap for each website and automatically updates it whenever it changes. You can find it at

Security with SSL certificate

All sites that run on solidpixels are secured with an SSL certificate. Thanks to this, the visitor is assured that all data exchanged with the website is protected against eavesdropping. Google has confirmed that it ranks site security as one of the evaluation factors.

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