Creating content using blocks

4 minutes

The basic building blocks of every page on solidpixels are blocks that represent individual types of content, such as text, images, or video. You insert them into the page using the drag & drop editor, which means that you simply drag the selected block from the left menu into the page space.

Inserting a block on the page

To add a block to a page:

  1. start by opening the page where you want to insert the new content,
  2. select the block you want to insert into the page from the menu on the left,
  3. by dragging it, move it to the page space.

Creating columns and rows

As you drag blocks onto the page, guides appear around previously created blocks. Drag a block to a vertical guide to create a column. This divides the row into columns. This will create up to 6 columns.

Drag a block to a horizontal guide to create a row.

Changing the width of columns

Use the guides to change the width of each column:

  1. move the cursor to the space between two blocks,
  2. a guide line appears, drag to adjust the width of the column,
  3. the width of the other columns is recalculated and adjusted so that everything fits.

Nested columns

In addition to classic columns, you can create nested columns in solidpixels. This is useful for creating more complex content to ensure responsiveness:

  1. select the block you want to drag into the page
  2. instead of the space between the blocks, move closer to the center,
  3. a blue area appears next to the guide line, indicating that you are forming a nested grid.

This splits the existing column into two to four more.

Duplicating blocks

You can also create new blocks by duplicating:

  1. hold down the Ctrl key (Command ⌘ for Mac),
  2. drag to copy the block to a new location.

Block settings

Each block has its own settings, you can call it up by clicking on the block or via the gear that appears after moving the cursor to the block next to the block name.

In block settings, you adjust block properties, such as text alignment or image format.

Deleting blocks

To delete a block:

  1. move the cursor to the block you want to delete,
  2. click the trash can icon, which will appear in the upper right corner.

Publishing pages

Any changes you make are automatically saved. Once everything is ready, the changes need to be published. Click the Publish button in the upper right corner to publish the changes.

The thematically related blocks are grouped into sections. These help you work more efficiently with your content and allow you to use features like background video, animated effects and more. To learn how to work with sections, see Creating content with sections.