Prototype as a way to quickly validate ideas

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Proper communication is crucial in the initial stages of a web project. Has it ever happened to you that your idea of the assignment didn't match the customer's expectations?

Depending on the size of the project, a number of people are involved in the web development process, from the designer to the developer to the copywriters. They all need to have a solid point to fall back on. 

An interactive prototype is the most reliable way to handle client requirements. Its visual nature makes it easy for the team and the customer to understand your intentions. The presentation of the prototype is an important milestone because it is often the moment that determines the success of the entire implementation. The customer gets a clear idea if you have taken the right path, which strengthens his confidence.

Bridge the gap between the assignment and the final website

Every web project starts with an analytical phase, the depth of which depends on the budget and the project's intent. The results of the analysis form the basis for the entire implementation, from concept through graphics to the final website. The scope and depth of the analysis depends on the size and nature of the project, but there is always a need to further communicate and validate the findings and suggestions.

Rapid web prototyping

There are many tools for communicating ideas in web design. Sometimes, to understand the brief, all you need to do is draw a quick sketch or create a concept in the form of a wireframe. Wireframes are a very commonly used tool in the initial stages of a project. They have the advantage of being relatively easy to incorporate changes and quick iterations. However, it can easily happen that the customer gets a different idea of the result than you have. 

Prototypes are a far better means of communication. Compared to a wireframe, a prototype is not as abstract and therefore more easily bridges the gap between the customer's requirements and the resulting website. At solidpixels, we view a prototype as an interactive design in a real browser environment that fully communicates the content and functionality of the site. It can illustrate information architecture, content structure and behavior on different types of devices. Thanks to the interactivity, customers can easily imagine how the website will actually work in the end. Traditional prototyping is time-consuming, so it is usually not used in projects with lower budgets, at least not in the initial stages. However, their creation is a distinct advantage for the customer.

Secure the client with concrete results, show them the prototype

Static designs are too abstract for most clients and the result is hard to imagine. Interactive prototypes, on the other hand, are very close to the final website. This gives the client an immediate idea of how the site addresses the needs of their business. When you present a prototype, you don't describe how the site will work, but you illustrate everything in a real-world environment. In such moments, the client is really impressed and you gain their trust.

"For agency/freelance web design, the prototype is one of the key moments when it comes to the crunch, and a well-designed and presented prototype can determine the implementation of the entire project and vice versa."

Jan Řezáč, founder House of Rezac

A prototype doesn't have to be a few days' work

The main barrier to prototyping is usually time. With solidpixels you can create a highly interactive prototype for a medium-sized website in a few hours. You can show not only the content structure, but all the main features of the site and the basics of interactive design. 

At solidpixels, we call such prototypes live concepts. Even without knowledge of technical terms, the client can imagine what kind of output to expect. In a short period of time, you will achieve a very faithful result, thanks to which you present the client with the meaning of the individual parts of the website in the context of the needs of the target group.

  • The platform incorporates the basic principles of responsiveness, so you can present the concept on different devices in a realistic environment.
  • You can also quickly illustrate more complex features, such as mobile menus, form submissions, or writing articles for a blog.
  • You won't be throwing away work on a concept like you would with prototyping apps. Solidpixels brings together tools for different stages of development.
  • You can incorporate client requirements in a short time. Working with solidpixels is intuitive and you can easily edit the concept without coding.

Try solidpixels on your next project

Whether you're a freelancer or an agency web developer, solidpixels will save you time at all stages of your project. It takes away many routine technical worries and gives you the space to use your creativity to the full. We use solidpixels for all our agency projects, with which we rank at the top of the  WebTop100 and Awwwards competitions. Try solidpixels for free.

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