12 trending Google fonts combinations that will make your website stand out from the crowd

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Creative play with typography is one of the most significant trends in the world of contemporary web design. Would you like to dive into this game and could you use some inspiration? Check out our selection of Google fonts combinations, which we've chosen based on their aesthetic qualities as well as their functionality, of course.

Google gonts are an invaluable resource for web designers who can use them for both commercial and personal purposes because they are open source. They also provide a wide selection of high-quality fonts that are completely free to use.

Tip: Working with fonts

Working with fonts is really easy on solidpixels! We have integrated Google Fonts so you can get them into your site in a few clicks. If you have your own purchased fonts, it's not a problem to upload them to the system. Find out how in our article How to upload custom fonts.

It's boring to just read lorem ipsum over and over again. So we decided to use the lyrics of our favourite songs to demonstrate our chosen fonts. You can guess which ones they are or listen to them directly by clicking the images.

Trendy & edgy fonts

The combo of serif and sans serif fonts is booming right now. Ride the wave of seemingly disparate combinations that we love!

Oswald + Merriweather

Google trendy & edgy fonts Oswald and Merriweather

Playfair Display + Source Sans Pro

Google trendy & edgy fonts Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro

Vesper Libre + Open Sans

Google trendy & edgy fonts Vesper Libre and Open Sans

Great contrast

Opposites attract. If you're not afraid to give headlines extra emphasis, don't be afraid to go for the combination of bold cuts of heavy fonts and their complete opposites.

Archivo Black + Archivo

Google fonts Archivo Black and Archivo

Anton + Roboto

Google Fonts Anton and Roboto

Nunito Sans + EB Garamond

Google Fonts Nunito Sans and EB Garamond

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Serious business

When the brand demands it, you need to reach for something more sedentary. Serious doesn't automatically mean boring. Reach for a combo of elegant classic serif headlines and minimalist complementary fonts and your site will never go out of style.

Lustria + Lato

Google fonts Lustria and Lato

Noto Serif + Noto Sans

Google fonts Noto Serif and Noto Sans

Spectral + Karla

Google fonts Spectral and Karla

70s, funky & groovy fonts

Why not have a little more fun than usual sometimes? Playful retro fonts will add just the right touch of freshness to your texts.

Abril Fatface + Poppins

Google Fonts Abril Fatface and Poppins

Syne + Inter

Google Fonts Syne and Inter

Ultra + Slabo

Google Fonts Ultra and Slabo

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