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Opening the spotlight

To open Spotlight, press ⌘+K on a Mac or CTRL+K on Windows or Linux.

spotlight – animace příkazů

Command overview


Command for fast switching between modules. Just type the module name..

E.g. Open Pages, Open Articles, Open Site Settings, Open Categories and many more.

spotlight – open


A way to quickly switch to design settings, preview the page on mobile, tablet or desktop. E.g. Switch to design, Switch to phone, Switch to tablet, Switch to desktop.

spotlight – switch


Spotlight also acts as a search engine for your records. You can type in the name of a page, article or product and the whisperer will show you relevant results. A confirmation will instantly switch to the record detail.

spotlight - vyhledávání

Tip: Work faster using keyboard shortcuts

Use "SHIFT + ?" in the administration.