Studio Najbrt: solidpixels allows to create unique websites

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Studio Najbrt

You may know Studio Najbrt thanks to its cooperation with the Karlovy Vary International Festival, photographer Josef Koudelka, the Ambiente group or its work for the city of Prague.

Since 1994, they have been creating identities, books, posters, exhibitions, websites and apps for Czech and international clients. The studio's work is characterized by professionalism, but at the same time an imaginative and playful approach.

Web with respect to visual identity

In order for Studio Najbrt to control the visual identity on the web, they needed a partner who would ensure the technical development of the website and at the same time fulfill all the requirements for the graphics.

The principles of a unified visual identity for the company are just as important on the web as they are in printed materials or e-mailing. At first glance, you need to know that it's the same company. Therefore, it is also important to maintain the correct use of the different elements of the visual style when creating a website.

Aleš Najbrt - Studio Najbrt

"It often happened to us that for programmers, a centimeter was not a measure and when choosing a particular font, it was enough that it was Grotesk. They didn't respect our recommendations and suggestions."

Aleš Najbrt, creative director

Space for creativity without technical worries

For Studio Najbrt we provide the technical side of web development for their clients and the studio itself. Together we have created websites such as:

Web UM Ambiente

UM is Ambiente's training centre, where the creative culinary force is concentrated, and courses are organised for professionals and the public.

Web Grandhotel Pupp

This is the Grandhotel Pupp, an iconic hotel in Karlovy Vary that has always been synonymous with hospitality, first-class service and entertainment.

With solidpixels, Studio Najbrt has the possibility to create prototypes of their websites directly in the administration, using intuitive drag & drop controls, without the need for any intervention in the code. Fonts, a separate chapter of design that is extremely important for every designer, can be uploaded to the administration completely independently.

They can create a website on their own without technical support, but when they need to, they have a partner at their back who won't shy away from even the most demanding clients. Thanks to this collaboration, they often create functional components that can be used in projects at any time from then on.

"Solidpixels allows us a wide range of creativity. We don't want to do one design according to one template. We need to create a unique website for different clients and different identities."

Aleš Najbrt, creative director

Whether Studio Najbrt decides to go the way of its own creation or chooses to cooperate with solidpixels, the result is a beautiful, functional website that the client can always easily navigate and manage on its own. And if he gets into a situation where he needs help, support is available.

Michael Dolejš - Studio Najbrt

"The advantage of solidpixels is a very simple administration system. The final result is always handed over to the client at some point and with solidpixels we can be sure that everything will be understandable to the client and that they can manage everything themselves."

Michael Dolejš, graphic designer

Would you like to start your own project with us? With solidpixels you can have your own website sooner than you think.