Everything you need to know about favicon

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Favicons, those little icons we see in browser tabs, are often overlooked but play a big part in the identity and usability of a website.

The importance of favicons in web design

Today, favicons are an important element of web design. Although small, they can have a big impact on branding and user experience. Due to their size and placement, they serve as a quick visual identification of a website. In the flood of open tabs, they help users quickly find and recognize the page they want.

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Favicon and its role in search engines

Favicons are not only found in browsers, but also in browsing history, Google search results, search autocomplete and other web interfaces (e.g. favourites or history in your browser). Their use has expanded far beyond their original intent and today they are an essential part of the web ecosystem.

How to design a favicon?

When designing a favicon, it is crucial to keep it simple and readable. Icons should be recognizable even at low resolutions (16x16 or 32x32 pixels as a standard). Often a simplified version of the logo or a distinctive symbol is used. In a world where details and branding are everything, the right favicon can increase brand awareness.

What rules to follow when designing a favicon?

  1. Choose a symbol that is clearly recognizable for your brand.

  2. Use a distinctive colour scheme according to the design manual.

  3. Think about legibility even in the smallest size (16x16 pixels).

  4. Instead of complex images or intricate designs, focus on simple but iconic elements.

  5. Use the correct file format; the .png format has the most support.

  6. For future favicon use, upload a larger file size, such as 256x256 pixels.

The details really matter. Even this small "square" on your website can make a significant contribution to the memorability of your brand.

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