5 time-saving tips for HR professionals using AI

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Even an HR manager's day is only 24 hours long. How to get the most out of it with the least effort? One of the most time and energy consuming HR disciplines is recruitment. Let's take a look at 5 simple tips that, with the assistance of AI, will help you make recruitment a smoother process.

Use chatbots

Who enjoys answering the same questions over and over again? Chatbots! Chatbots can save you a lot of time by answering common repetitive questions without the recruiter having to deal with them.

Try a platform like Dialogflow or Microsoft Bot Framework to create an FAQ-answering chatbot. This chatbot can be implemented on websites or social media platforms where the company interacts with potential candidates.

Use resume parsing software

Manually going through CVs is another repetitive activity that can be greatly simplified with AI. Resume parsing software can automatically analyse the data in CVs and rank them in a database according to keywords, which the recruiter can then filter for relevant candidates.

Use tools like Datacruit or CV Parser to automatically process and sort CVs. They can easily identify key information from CVs and match candidates to suitable positions.

Automate the appointment scheduling process

Scheduling meetings is another activity that regularly eats up much more time than it should. If meetings are a large part of your workload, definitely give AI a shot. It can automatically schedule meetings based on the availability of all attendees so HR can focus on other tasks.

Tools like Clara or x.ai can be used to coordinate meetings with candidates. They can automatically suggest meeting times based on the availability of recruiters and candidates and send invitations to meetings.

Working with GPT Chat

Would you like to try something that would make your job easier in multiple areas? If you haven't yet been swept up in the ChatGPT wave, go for it! Need to write catchy copy for a social recruiting post? Write a topical article? Generate a job description for a website? Text for an automated email? This artificially intelligent chatbot can help you with all that.

Try starting out by using it to automatically generate job descriptions, answers to frequently asked questions, or to conduct preliminary interviews with candidates.

Take advantage of automated messages

How about letting the machine match potential candidates? Your presence will be needed later, don't worry. The AI can handle the beginning of the process for you. Not only will it do the same job as you, but you can be sure it will do it at the right time, so candidates will always be fully informed of everything important right away, without you having to spend hours writing emails. In addition, these messages can be personalised and tailored to suit each candidate's specific needs.

Ordinary email marketing tools such as Mailchimp or Brevo can do this with ease. With advanced contact segmentation, behavioral targeting, A/B testing, or dynamic content, you can keep candidates informed every step of the way during the recruitment process and dramatically reduce the need to manually write and send emails.

Have you ever had the overwhelming desire to clone yourself at work to get everything done? Now's your chance. Because the more you use AI, the more you are human. So go for it!

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