Connecting the form to Salesforce

2 minutes

You can connect web forms to Salesforce directly in the form settings. This allows you to start including the collected contacts in your processes.

Data export is always set for a specific form.

  1. Click on the form from which you want to export data,
  2. select Settings above the top right corner of the form,
  3. go to the Exports tab and check the Export to Salesforce box,
  4. a new tab will appear to set up the export, link the form to your Salesforce account.

How to name the field correctly

In order for your individual form fields to pair well with the Salesforce database, you need to name them all correctly. Click into a text field to open its settings and proceed to the "Advanced" section to set the "Name". Make sure you have the specific fields set up correctly:

  • Field name → name
  • Last name field → surname
  • Phone field → phone
  • Email field → email
  • Field company → company, default value: "web"

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