Block Layout

2 minutes

The Layout block is primarily used for aligning the blocks inserted into it, so you can insert most other blocks such as text, button, image, box and more into the container. The Layout itself has no design settings. The block is available for solidpixels ambassadors from version 2.56.

How to add Layout bock

Adding is done as standard as for other blocks by dragging and dropping them into the page. Click on the block to select it and use the icon in the top right corner to open settings.

You can then add blocks to the container by dragging and dropping just as you would in normal sections, and then work with them as you are used to.

Layout settings

In the container settings, you can choose from three ways of arranging the content (Flexible, Inline, Grid). Each option then has additional options for the layout and alignment of the content within the container.


In the Advanced section, the ID settings may be important to you. This is used when creating a link using an anchor. See this article for more information on how to set up an anchor.

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