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Members of the CREDITAS family

CREDITAS Group is a Czech investment group, which operates mainly in the financial services, energy and real estate sectors. Its portfolio also includes two banks - Banka CREDITAS and Max banka. CREDITAS itself entered the Czech banking market in 2017. In a few years it has grown, and by the end of 2023 it was already serving over 200,000 clients, making it one of the most popular Czech banks.

Redesign and new website solution in record time

When the topic of website redesign came up at CREDITAS some time ago, the marketing team decided that it would make sense to move straight to a new web solution. At the time, the CREDITAS Group had already had a long experience with solidpixels solutions for its other projects, so it was natural for it to jump on the same boat with CREDITAS Bank. The visual identity of the brand was created by the design studio Dynamo, which was also responsible for the design of the new website. We are not afraid of the challenges of external graphics and it was a great pleasure for us to collaborate on the CREDITAS project with Dynamo, among other things because of the lightning speed with which we were able to deliver the entire project.

Bank Creditas – website preview
Bank Creditas – website preview

No more waiting for changes

Although banks have a reputation for being stitched-together structures where any modification of the website is virtually impossible for security reasons, this may not always be the case. Even a bank needs to be able to react and change parts of its site in real time in some cases. It is important for its marketing team to be flexible in responding to the needs of new product sales, so the freedom and ability to change instantly is essential. Thanks to solidpixels, the client has all the autonomy and thus does not have to worry about waiting endlessly for any modification. "In the past, we have been reliant on our suppliers for all customisations, currently we can handle a lot of customisations internally within the marketing team." Jiří Salajka, Group Marketing Director, comments on the management of their website.

Jiří Salajka - Marketing Director of Creditas Group

"Security was crucial for us in light of the recent cyber-attacks, and in collaboration with solidpixels we managed to find a solution that can withstand even the strongest DDoS attacks."

Jiří Salajka, Marketing Director, CREDTIAS Group

Safety first

Of course, this is the number one issue at the bank. In this respect, you will hardly find more demanding clients. That's why we've made a point of DDoS protection. The launch of the website was preceded by a series of penetration tests, which we used to detect all potential risks.

Solidpixels is part of the Cloudflare Partner Network

As an official Cloudflare partner, we can satisfy even the most demanding clients. We are happy to help you with better security and protection against DDoS attacks as well. Contact us.

We can handle bank websites and any other projects. Try us! With solidpixels you may have a website sooner than you think.

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