Skanska Reality: all available apartments are now sold via the web

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Skanska Reality represents a connection between the multinational construction and development giant and the end users of one of its products - the current and future residents of the apartments that Skanska has built or is currently building. Through its new website, the company's philosophy, completed and ongoing projects are to be well presented. And as a progressive player in the real estate market, it needs the right resources to do so.

Quality contemporary architecture

It would be hard to find a district in Prague better suited for Skanska's headquarters than Karlín. Its architecturally progressive surroundings provide the company with a great backdrop for showcasing both its vision and values and its modern office building, a glazed utilitarian skeleton designed by the famous Catalan studio Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. This project, which Skanska has carried out itself, builds on previous neighbouring projects within the Corso Karlín urban development.

Skanska Reality – office

High-quality contemporary architecture is one of the desired outcomes of a company's activities, but every project requires discussion with all those directly affected by it. "It's not surprising that we like to take inspiration from Scandinavian countries, and not only for Skanska projects. We choose renowned architectural studios to collaborate with, which undoubtedly includes Chybík + Krištof, Jakub Cigler Architects, Jestico & Whiles, EBM Group, 22:22 architects and many others. However, their work is influenced by the opinions of others - thanks to participation, we give space in the planning phase to the people from the area in which the project will grow, and the word of the district and its needs is an essential factor. We ourselves have high expectations, standards and procedures. The final architectural design is thus a work of cooperation between experts and the public," Renata Vildomcová, Director of Marketing and Communications of the Czech branch of the Skanska development company, tells us.

"The final architectural design is a collaboration of experts and the public."

Watch a video case study with Skanska Reality about the experience with the new website, virtual reality tours of sample apartments and other tools that help in the direct sale of apartments via the web.

Sustainability as the number one topic

Moving towards greater and greater sustainability is Skanska's number one theme. "We enjoy projects that have a demonstrable added value in the field of sustainable construction, low and preferably zero energy consumption in the future, and can inspire in the way they use materials and public space. Locally, we see a growing trend where many architects are coming to us as a developer who expects the highest sustainable standards," says Vildomcová.

"We enjoy projects that have a demonstrable added value in the field of sustainable construction, low or preferably zero energy consumption, and can also inspire through the use of materials and public space."
Skanska Reality – office

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The most sustainable local venture of Skanska so far will be the upcoming project of the Modřany sugar factory. "I dare say that Modřanský cukrovar will be the most sustainable project in the offer of traditional Czech development. We are reducing the consumption of drinking water by up to 40% thanks to the grey water system and thoughtful work with rainwater. We are replacing a full fifth of the concrete with rebetong - a qualitatively comparable concrete made from recycled aggregates. On the roofs, we install photothermal panels covering 1200m2. There will be hundreds of trees, shrubs, an orchard and a forest," he adds.

Skanska Reality – reality project

Brownfield Sugarcane in the hands of communities

Since 2018, the so-called Cukrkandl brownfield has been active, a part of the closed land after the former Modřany sugar factory, which was supposed to be a universal meeting place for communities and their sports, social and other activities. The Cukrkandl website, which is part of the Homes by Skanska website, has become an important means of communication with the public, where the company presents ongoing projects, the current offer of flats, where those interested can directly enquire about their chosen flat, but also presents the company's philosophy regarding the culture of housing.

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Make the website your own

It is customary for large multinational corporations such as Skanska that any newly created website is subject to strict rules and is usually based on the same solution as the parent company's website. This was also the case for Skanska Reality in the Czech Republic. However, major modifications to the original site were often lengthy and expensive due to its complexity and multinational interconnection, so the Czech management decided to carve out a privileged position and build the Homes by Skanska website on solidpixels independently of the other company websites.

Skanska history

"The website is an imaginary window into our corporate home. It should be nice, tidy, clients should feel comfortable and happy to come back to it. From the very first impression, it must show our clear interest in the key themes and philosophy of the company - supporting the environment, innovative mindset, building a public space and sustainable product. In order to create a quality website, it is important to have good raw materials at the beginning - in this case, good content. Emphasising top-quality content marketing is key," says Gabriela Hlaváčková, marketing specialist at the company's Czech branch.

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