This year, you're gonna make it. The 7 most common website resolutions that are not worth your eternal procrastination.

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We all experienced it. How many times have we put off a plan for so long, only to find out in hindsight that the hardest step of all was taking that first step - forcing ourselves to do it. Let's take a look at a list of the most common web resolutions that users struggle with on a regular basis, always for much longer than they had planned. And usually to no avail. We'll give you tips on how to achieve your goals quickly and easily, and show you that these resolutions aren't worth the eternal remorse at all.

Resolution #1: "I'm finally going to build the website."

Building a website today is no longer a long and painful ordeal, it doesn't need to take months or even years to build. This year you can do it easily. And it will go much faster than you thought. Remember that with every day you go without a website, you lose a lot of visitors who could learn about you or outright buy your product. It's always better to have even a very simple website that works and can serve your basic needs, than to wait endlessly for the perfect website that will ultimately lose you money. With solidpixels you can have a functional website in just a few hours. So go for it!

Our articles Creating content using blocks or Creating and structuring content using sections can help you in the beginnings of creating your own website.

Our clients know best how easy it is to create a website using solidpixels:

"I just wanted to sit down for a minute and explore what it can do, and a minute later I saw that I already had a website."

Kamil Skrbek, founder and owner of Alf&Bet bakery and EMA espresso bar

Resolution #2: "I'm finally going to make a career site and show people what it's like at our company."

How long have you delayed the creation of the career section of the website? Underestimating it really doesn't pay off, as recruiting new employees is one of the most expensive processes companies go through on a regular basis. It is possible to reduce the costs significantly, but a functional career website is essential for this.

Read more about what such a website should look like in our article on How to improve the recruitment process with the help of a professional career website or go straight to the finish line and have a ready-to-use solution activated in the form of our Career cloud.

Resolution #3: "I will finally start creating content for the website on a regular basis."

One of the most common ones. Writing copy for the website may sound like an insurmountable task, but it doesn't have to be. You just need to divide your work into steps that you can easily manage. There is no need to have everything done at once. Name everything you want to present on the site and expand and improve the text over time. Along the way, and through testing, you'll discover what works and what works less. The important thing is to stay consistent in your efforts and write at regular intervals.

Our Complete instructions for a great product presentation on the web can help you create good product copywriting. If you want to know how to talk about services in a way that gets attention, read our Complete tutorial: a great introduction of services on the web. And if you want to know how to create a blog, try our help article on Creating and managing a blog.

Resolution No. 4: "I will finally launch the website in more languages."

Discovering new markets and being accessible to site visitors from different countries can have a big impact on the results of your presentation or business. Speak multiple languages, attract an audience that speaks them and nurture a new target audience that should definitely know about you. If you start now, you can easily check off this resolution today.

Simply extend your website with additional language versions here, or link existing records (pages, articles, products, etc.) and create copies of a record from one mutation to another thanks to
Advanced work language mutations. A smart tool such as DeepL can help you translate professionally.

Resolution No. 5: "I will finally connect the website to social networks."

Social media is a great tool for both reaching new audiences and nurturing the ones your brand has already built. The important thing to remember is that your website and your social networks should work in symbiosis with each other to get the most out of working on them.

There is nothing complicated about connecting these two channels. The Social Icons block and the Social Media block will help you do this. And if you're wondering how to show posts from a Facebook page, check out our tutorial article.

Resolution #6: "I will finally get rid of the routine work associated with the website."

Do you feel overwhelmed by arranging orders, responding to every single visitor who fills out a form on your website, endlessly making appointments and other repetitive activities associated with your website? Then take a moment to apply the miracle called automation. Once the system handles these processes automatically, it will untie your hands for a lot of more useful and engaging activities.