Loading posts from a Facebook page

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To retrieve posts from Facebook using the Social Networks block, you must first enable the solidpixels app with your Facebook page.

Solidpixels can process content posts by default, i.e. posts that are accompanied by images or links. 

A separate type of post is Facebook Poll and Event which have a different format from a content post, which currently (but we are working on it) we cannot display. 

Linking your Facebook account

To connect, you need to have admin rights to the desired Facebook page.

Linking procedure:

  1. go to Settings > Settings in the administration and find the Social Networks section
  2. click on the Connect to your Facebook account button
  3. in a new window you will see the process of allowing solidpixels to access your Facebook pages
  4. select the data to which Facebook has access
    • To view posts on the site, "View a list of pages you manage" and "Read content posted on a page" are sufficient (see section below)
  5. select the Facebook pages you want to allow access to
  6. complete the entire connection process until you receive a confirmation that your account has been paired

You can now use the Social Networks block on any page and just fill in your page's profile ID.

Setting up access to your data

To read posts, you only need the right to "View a list of pages you manage" and "Read content posted on a page".

The other options should be unchecked, as they are not needed to display the post on your site and are not accessible by solidpixels. If you leave them checked, you may find that posts will not appear on your site.

Náhled práv, která potřebujete pro zobrazení příspěvků na webu
Preview of the rights you need to view posts on the site

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