The Social Media Block

3 minutes

Thanks to The Social Media Block you can display posts from your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on your website.

How to add social media

After dragging The Social Media Block to the page, the settings can be opened by clicking the centre of the block. First, you have to choose from which social network the displayed posts will be.

The first option is Facebook. To display Facebook posts, you need the profile ID and to connect the website to your Facebook page. This can be done by clicking the “Connect your Facebook account” link. 

To connect to Instagram, there is no need for the profile ID, but similar to Facebook, you need to authorize the sharing of the posts. Once again, all it takes is clicking the “Connect to your Instagram account” link.

Twitter is the only social network which doesn’t require authorization. To share Twitter posts, you only need to fill in the ID of the profile from which you want to load.

Other than the source social network, you can also set the number of posts displayed on the page.

Appearance of the social media

In the appearance setting, you can choose the layout of the posts.


Grid will display the posts in the same size on a grid. You can change the aspect ratio, number of columns and the spacing between images.

List will display one post on each line. It is possible to edit the aspect ratio, image alignment and also the width of image in percentage.

Masonry works similarly to the Grid. Instead of the same sized images, differently sized tiles will appear, so the aspect ratio cannot be changed.


For every layout, it is possible to hide the text of the post. You can also stretch the list of post to the width of the website.



In the advanced settings, the ID can be very useful to you. It is used to create a link using an anchor. You can learn more about setting up and using anchors in this article.