Feature list

Solidpixels is a comprehensive tool for creating high-end websites. Here you can get at least a basic idea of all the options and features that solidpixels includes in its highest version.


  • Modern default designs

  • Responsive version for all devices

  • Design settings and branding based on corporate identity

  • Advanced design editor

  • Modern typography settings, progressive font loading

  • Connection to Google Fonts

  • Form layout settings

  • Video background section

  • Advanced effects like parallax or background image blur

  • Change the default design

  • Custom logo and favicon

  • Advanced CSS editing

  • Content animation


  • Image optimization

  • Automatic thumbnail creation

  • Conditional image loading

  • Adjusting aspect ratios (masking)

  • Adjustable focus point (focus point)

  • Advanced image caption editing

  • Alternative image captions

  • Setting links and hover effects

  • Manage uploaded images

  • Special layouts: Poster, Card, Collage, Overlay

  • Work with icons

  • Creating beautiful galleries with advanced layout editing (image proportions, alignment, image spacing, number of columns)

  • Slider creation

  • Displaying thumbnails in a lightbox

Listings and modules

  • Blog module (articles): creating and scheduling articles, managing categories, tags and authors, editing article templates, editing meta and sharing data, sharer buttons

  • Forms data module: collection of all data from used forms, GDPR compliant

  • Collected contacts module: aggregation of all selected data from users, GDPR compliant, ability to generate and delete user data

  • Events module: editing of events, speakers, tags, registrations, appearances

  • Points on map module: tips and categories for each point, detailed information, addresses, point clustering, main address, map color schemes, custom icons

  • Product catalogue module: categories, subcategories, prices, stock, product parameters, filtering and tagging

  • Data extracts from all modules: source selection from modules, categories, tags, authors or individual items

  • Listing settings: number of items, pagination tip, listing appearance, number of columns, meta data, image aspect ratio

  • Social media listings, appearance settings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Edit meta data for all records: title, keywords, description

  • Edit page suffix and prefix

  • Alt image captions

  • Redirection editing (redirects): automatic creation when changing url, manual input, import from XLS

  • Creation of smart url addresses

  • 404 error page editing

  • Responsive web design

  • Improved site loading speed: image and style optimization, progressive font loading, lazyloanding

Ambassador programme for professionals

  • Ambassador Console

  • Extended Trial (60 and 90 days)

  • Advanced design customization options

  • Advanced features

  • Custom fonts

  • Custom CSS styles

  • Custom JS scripts

  • Extended support and resources from the academy

  • Personal consultation

Table of Contents



  • Autosave and publication of the final version

  • Editing with instant speech (realtime administration)

  • Consistent display on the web and in the administration (real frontend)

  • Copying of records and elements

  • Creation of landing pages

  • Language mutations, copying records across mutations

  • Editing structure: creating new pages, editing menus, dropdown submenus

  • Change history

  • URL redirection: manual and automatic saving when changing page url, import from XLS

  • User rights: creating accesses with different editing rights

  • Custom domain and subdomain settings

  • Keyboard shortcuts



Safety and speed

  • SSL certificates

  • HTTP/2

  • Hosting with the highest TIER IV certification

  • Change History

  • AntiDDos protection

  • Regular data backups

  • Antispam protection for forms (recaptcha option)

  • Protection against XSS attacks

  • High availability

  • Support: phone, email, chat

  • Academy: know-how, tips, inspiration, practical demos, video tutorials

  • Automatic minification of scripts

  • GDPR support

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