Features for ambassadors

6 minutes

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the solidpixels ambassador programme and introduce you to the wide range of benefits, tools and features available within it. From extended trial periods and exclusive discounts, to developer tools and special content. So let's get started!

What benefits do Ambassadors receive?

  • Extended trial period of up to 3 months - applies to newly established websites

  • Ambassador Console - an environment where you can fully manage all your projects from one place

  • Features and concepts - advanced features such as prototypes of frequently used sections on the site or pre-made industry concepts

  • Exclusive content - regular newsletters on product news, advanced tutorials

  • Up to 15% discount - if you choose to also service your clients, you can achieve up to 15% off all plans

  • Developer tools - customization tools allow you to insert custom code or edit styles

  • Ability to upload custom fonts - in addition to our selection, you can easily choose additional fonts yourself or directly add your own font from any author.

Two forms of cooperation

You can be an ambassador from the very first paid website. Just register after creating it. After 5 or more active sites you can move to the role of partner. You can find the exact benefits on our website.

How website installation works

All new installations must be done under the email address that was provided in the program registration. This will automatically assign developer rights to the site.

Extended trial period to 3 months

We want to give you enough time to create your website, that's why Ambassadors have extended the trial period to 60 days. For a partner it's even up to 90 days. The extended trial version provides enough comfort to prepare the website for the customer. You can always see the current status of the trial in the administration header. To be able to connect with your own domain, you need to go to the paid version .

How do I find out about product news?

We are constantly pushing the solidpixels platform forward, deploying new features in regular development cycles and releasing them to users over time. You will learn about changes that will affect ambassadors via the newsletter.

Shared sections for fast content creation

Filling out content on the web can be time consuming, so we've developed a shared sections feature that lets you create your own library of type elements. These pre-made sections are then at your fingertips on every page. Get inspiration on how to use sections in the Section Prototypes article.

Editing the site header

It doesn't matter what default concept you choose. From all of them, it now gets into any header variations. Switching the main navigation to a sidebar or setting the menu as a hamburger is now a matter of a few clicks. Plus, you have the ability to influence all the important attributes in the design settings.

Shortcuts in administration

We use solidpixels ourselves to develop all our projects, so we are constantly improving features to help us get to the end result faster. These features include:

  • Accelerated section deletion - holding down the cmd (Mac OS) or ctrl (Windows) key when clicking on the section delete icon will not display a confirmation dialog.
  • Duplicate sections - if you move a section while holding down the cmd (Mac OS) or ctrl (Windows) key, the section will not be moved, but duplicated
  • Quick transition between page editing and design - shortcut cmd / ctrl + shift + E

Edit signature in the footer

All our websites have a signature in the footer with a link to solidpixels, as we are proud of every project that is created on our platform. We want our partners to be able to present themselves in the same way, so they have the option to edit their signature as they wish. And as administrative partners we will be signed together, side by side.

Customized styles and scripts

On custom projects, there are often times when you want to step out of the default look and feel. For such situations, there is a CMS code editor where you can add custom styles or JS scripts. The editor can be found under Settings > CMS Editor.

Editing text block code

The text editor provides a basic set of content such as headings, different font cuts, lists or links. The ability to edit the source code of a text block, along with custom styles, takes you to a whole other level of what is possible in solidpixels.

HTML block

In the base you have an HTML block for inserting your own elements. This is especially useful for embedding third party embed elements. These can be various special widgets, iframes, etc.

Pre-filling billing data

No one is tired of endlessly filling in billing information. When an ambassador fills in their profile in the ambassador console, the information is always pre-filled automatically for every new site and order.