Choosing the right design

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Choosing a design is the first step in setting up a website. The designs serve as a starting point and you can easily adjust them to your needs. Every detail of the site will look as if it was designed just for you.

You can use all designs for a one-page presentation as well as for websites with a hierarchical structure. What to follow when choosing a suitable design?

Example of design with horizontal navigation

Example of design with vertical navigation

Example of design with hamburger navigation

Changing the selected design

If you find that the design doesn't suit your needs while creating your site, you can change your selection at any time.

To change the design:

  1. in the main navigation, select the Settings tab and then Change template,
  2. select a new default design.

When you change the design, only the design settings, such as fonts and color, are overwritten. You will not lose content uploaded to the web.

What are the designs for?

The prepared designs will not limit you, they only serve as a starting point and inspiration. The right choice will save you work and help you get to the desired result quickly.

You can easily adapt the look to your needs in the design settings. In a few clicks, you can adjust the color settings, select a different font, or insert your own logo so that the site matches your business identity.

You also have the freedom to work with content. Use the drag & drop editor to add a new block of text, create another column or add a photo. With sample pages, you don't have to create everything from scratch. You will save time and work and at the same time the sample pages will serve as inspiration.

Take a look at three different sites built on the Idea design: MIBO scooters and an architectural studio IGLOO ARCHITECTS. Although all three sites are based on one design, the result is always completely different.

The appearance of the original Idea design


Website for MIBO scooters.

The designs have the same functions, the offer of modules and setting options do not differ from the designs. Small differences can only be in the style of specific details. For example, some pages have a conversion button in their navigation or a bold text highlight.

You can view all the designs and their samples in the Design tab on the solidpixels website.

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