The Price List Block

2 minutes

The Price List Block serves as a way to insert items, their description and price to the website.

Similar to The Box Block, there is the option of inserting other blocks inside of this one and editing them the same way you would on normal pages.

How to create a price list

After dragging the price list block to the page, the price list can be highlighted by clicking it. When the price list is highlighted, other blocks, such as text, space and code, can be inserted into it the same way you would on normal pages.

A special block is the item, a template, which contains the name of an item, its description and price.

In the upper right corner of the price list, you can open the settings.

Price list settings

In the price list settings, you can change the item style, which will affect the alignment of the individual items.


In the advanced settings, the ID can be very useful to you. It is used to create a link using an anchor. You can learn more about setting up and using anchors in this article.