Invoicing and payments

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All information regarding invoicing and payments can be found together in the website administration:

  1. in the main menu, select the Settings tab,
  2. select Billing from the menu.

Here you will find information about the current plan, billing information and all previous orders and invoices. We also send newly issued invoices by email.

If you have been with us for some time and you cannot find this tab in the administration, please contact the support colleagues at

Revalidation of the website

You will extend the validity of your website in the Current plan section. After clicking on the Extend button, you will see an order form with a selection of the plan and method of payment.

If you have set up a recurring card payment, the amount will always be automatically deducted from your account. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about extending the validity of the website.

Changing the billing information

In the Settings > Billing section, after clicking the Edit button, you can change your billing information and the email address to which invoices are sent. Please change this information in time, ie before issuing the invoice. The change does not affect already issued invoices.

To change the invoicing data on already issued invoices, please contact no later than 30 days from the issuance of the invoice.

Change of payment card details

You can change your credit card information by creating a new order:

  1. In the Current plan section, select Cancel recurring card payment.
  2. after canceling the recurring payment, the Extend button will appear in the Current Plan section, click to display the order form,
  3. enter a new order with updated details.

Change the frequency and method of payment

You can change the frequency and method of payment by creating a new order. If you have set up a recurring card payment, cancel it in the 'Current plan' section and create a new order.

Payment for a longer period is more advantageous and you will pay for it by card online or by bank transfer. In case of reccuring payments by card, it is also possible to pay monthly.

Changing the selected plan

The plan can be changed both during the expiration of the current one and even when it's currently running. In the latter case, please contact our support, which will solve everything with you.

Clients with custom-ready sites cannot change plan settings. Downgrade to a lower plan is not possible by default and is solved individually with the support.

Declined recurring payments and site recovery

If your payment is declined due to insufficient funds in your account, your recurring payment will be automatically canceled.

We will automatically extend your site for another 3 days. During this period, you need to fill out a new order and make a payment to avoid disruption to the site.

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