2. Provide your services in the form of paid content on your website.

5 minutes

In the previous part dedicated to the website, we went through what it is necessary to focus on when creating it, what types of websites are suitable for what type of business and we provided you with tips from solidpixels ambassador and graphic designer Lukáš Joch. In this part we will talk about the possibility of providing services in the form of paid content on the web.

If you provide services that can be accessed remotely (examples include sports, language, art or other courses, coaching, media, etc.), you have a big advantage in the current situation. These "contactless" types of services (especially in the form of video content) can be run online quite easily. There are a number of platforms on the market through which you can get it to your customers, the most well-known of course being YouTube, Vimeo, etc. However, monetising content provided through these platforms is problematic. If you choose this route, you will be dependent on ad revenue or direct "donations" from your supporters. An alternative option may be to provide your service in the form of paid content on your website. There you can have absolute control over both the price of your service and the layering or form of your service. You can give your customers access to all of your content, only part of it, or you can dose it to them gradually and take them through each level of your course.

Michal "Radar" Vrátný, founder of the hardstyle gym Železná koule, will show you what moving your business online can bring:

  1. Independence. The current situation is a challenge for everyone and for the service sector in particular. However, a partial shift of business online is a fairly elegant solution to the current situation. And if you are in the health and fitness sector, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the pandemic situation. People locked into the daily homeoffice need you!

  1. Community expansion. We've been quite successful in convincing a large group of Prague residents that exercising at Koula brings results. But how do they do it in Frýdek-Místek or Chomutov? Thanks to the move to the online environment, we no longer have to be tied to the local community of practitioners, we can now share our know-how to more remote locations such as Brno.

  1. Accelerating business growth. Precisely because the online coaching we have started with Balls is not dependent on the capacity of our gym or the number of coaches, we can scale the whole thing much more easily without having to invest time, money and energy in building a new gym. And that means faster growth for our business and the community.

  1. The same structuring of your operations as you do in the offline. The big challenge for us was just bringing the structure of the whole training plan to the online environment. Fortunately, it worked out and we have a good overview of how far along in the plan our students are. Thanks to a closed Facebook group and regular communication with the coaches, we are able to catch and resolve a significant number of technical errors and be available to the students in real time. This makes one of the most important things that keeps people coming back to the Ball, namely interacting with the community and having fun, available at least virtually.

  1. Time to get better. What's great about the online environment is that once you create it, it stays. And you can use it over and over again. This will untie your hands for other aspects of your work, such as communicating with customers, marketing, or self-education.

Thinking of moving your service online? We can help you. Contact us, make an appointment and together we'll figure out how to do it.