4. You can't do without measurements.

4 minutes

In the previous episode dedicated to online marketing, we went through the range of possibilities this vast area offers and online marketer and owner of the digital agency Moonshot Libor Jarolim described the basic steps that every entrepreneur who wants to start with online marketing should take. In this section, we'll talk about why you can't do without measurement when doing business online.

You'll get around. But as they say, he who doesn't measure doesn't drive. In other words, without measurement, the effectiveness of your marketing activities will plummet. Data is the gold of the third millennium, learn to use it to your advantage. With a good measurement setup, you will be able to optimize all your online activities, adapt them to the demand and generate more profit. Thanks to analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can collect a wealth of useful data about your customers' behaviour. Thanks to them, you can improve your website, change the content, the frequency or sequence of your online campaigns or even the overall tonality of your communication. If you already have a website, don't wait and start measuring.

Michal Pařízek, a specialist in improving website conversion paths, will advise you on the best way to get started with analytical tools:

  1. Start by reading or listening. Getting the measurements right and interpreting the data well is not trivial. So I recommend educating yourself in this area before you start measuring. Great materials are available directly from Google for free: Analytics Academy. In Czech, I can confidently recommend these online courses: Introduction to Web Analytics by Honza Tichý and Google Tag Manager by André Heller.

  1. Explore and tools that tell you more. Web analytics tools (i.e. Google Analytics) will often tell you what's happening on your site, but less so why it's happening. I recommend using tools like Smartlook or Hotjar. They allow you to see how users are using your site in a way that feels like you're standing behind them.

  1. When implementing, think about keeping management as simple as possible. Measurement tools are well managed through tag managers. For example, Google Tag Manager is a popular one. With it, you'll be able to easily set up measurement of important events on your website or start measuring conversions from Google, Facebook or Instagram campaigns. And with a tag manager, you can do it without the help of IT.

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