7. Get your products to your customers.

3 minutes

In the previous episode dedicated tobusiness, we showed how to handle business processes purely remotely. Radek Botoš, founder of solidpixels, shared with us the steps of his business process and gave us tips on useful tools he uses to handle it. In the last part, we'll talk about how to manage the finishing process well and get the physical product to the customer as efficiently as possible.

Well-managed logistics are essential. If you sell physical goods, you need to make sure they reach your customers in an orderly and timely manner. If you plan to sell in bulk and your needs can change quickly, it pays to choose a system that is as flexible as possible in this regard. Choose a reliable delivery company to be your logistics partner and link your e-shop to their system.

Liftago CEO Ondřej Krátký tells you what not to underestimate when choosing a delivery company:

  1. Count in advance. The carrier needs to improve your customer service, but at the same time, it shouldn't kill your margin. Be sensitive to the cost to yourself and the cost to the customer. It will help a lot to motivate the customer to place a more valuable order.

  1. Prefer adaptability. Your carrier should be able to operate in all zones and price ranges based on speed or accuracy of delivery, and evolve with you at different stages of your business growth.

  1. Consider experience and the ability to function during fluctuations in demand. Delivery needs to work with five orders per day as well as multiple increases in volume. This is often a stumbling block for entrepreneurs who decide to go the self-shipment route - they don't account for all the costs that this brings and if demand increases, they can't handle it.

  1. Be mindful of reputation. A good shipping service will enhance your customers' experience, not ruin it.

  1. Take an interest in the details. Does your prospective carrier offer live tracking? Does it deliver right on time? Does it train its drivers? Ask for details, every detail that helps make life easier for you and your customers matters.

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