Keyboard shortcuts

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There are keyboard shortcuts available in the solidpixels administration to make content creation easier. You can view the list of keyboard shortcuts from version 2.47 by pressing shift + ?.

Tip: Since version 2.53 in solidpixels, in addition to keyboard shortcuts, you can also speed up your work with the new Spotlight function, which you can open with ⌘ Command + K (MAC) or CTRL + K (Windows). Read more about this feature at here.

How to work with shortcuts

Depending on the specific system (Mac, Linux, Windows), the shortcuts themselves change to preserve the conventions of the environment as much as possible.

Overview of system keys
Windows Linux Mac
Ctrl Ctrl Command
Alt Alt Option
Shift Shift Shift
Win key Super key Command

Because other applications outside the web browser use keyboard shortcuts, you may find that some shortcuts don't work. It is not currently possible to create your own shortcuts.

Tip: The appearance of the shortcuts varies by operating system. For example, the ⌘ Command key is used on the Mac, while the Ctrl key is used on Windows.

Mac Shortcuts Overview

Windows Shortcuts Overview

Tip: Glossary of terms and icons

The abbreviations in solidpixels require knowledge of specific terms and icons. This short glossary will help you with them.

  • Drag - hold to click and drag (for example, a section or block)

  • Click - click

  • Space - space bar

  • - Command icon on Mac

  • ⌥ - Option icon on Mac

  • ⇧ - Shift icon