1. The web is your alpha and omega.

4 minutes

If you want to do business online, the web is the first thing you'll need to do so. Its type, design, structure and content depend on the type of business you run and, in particular, your goals (which may be to complete a purchase, fill out an enquiry or event registration, subscribe to a newsletter or increase your social media following).

If you are going to sell products through it, the key is to present them well. Selling services is a completely different discipline. Service entrepreneurs often encounter a so-called crisis of customer confidence. This is based on a distrust of "selling promises". However, this crisis can be overcome very effectively with a good website, presenting a very specific, imaginable and clearly defined offer that systematically converts visitors into customers. However, you need to stick to a few basic rules. You can read how to properly build a website for presenting and selling services here. If you only have one specific goal and want to lead your customers to one conversion action, building a very simple landing page may be enough. It can help you introduce a new product, testimonials or case studies, lead a prospective workshop attendee to a simple and quick registration, or effectively describe a job position for which your company is currently looking for the ideal candidate. There are countless ways to use it.

Lukáš Joch - solidpixels ambassador

Solidpixels ambassador and graphic designer Lukáš Joch will advise you on what not to underestimate when creating a website to serve your business:

  1. Having a role model. It is necessary to know an industry role model that inspires and motivates you. Know the industry leader within the world and follow the trends.

  1. Keep an eye on the competition. You should also have a good understanding of your direct competitors with whom you will be competing for positions in the comparators or search results.

  1. Know what you do, what you want and why. Can you describe your service on one A4, clearly and engagingly? Try an elevator pitch.

  1. Make sure you have good visual content. Having good quality photos of your product or service is essential. This point should not be underestimated, people will compare you to others based on your visual presentation.

  1. Organize information logically. Think about structuring the information about your service or product well and evenly. The content should have the same structure and scope for all products/services if possible.

  1. Allow for time investment in the future. A good website needs to be worked on continuously and kept up-to-date in every way.

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