Connecting the form to Google Sheets

4 minutes

You can link web forms to Google Sheets directly in the form settings. Thanks to this, you can start working with data from forms even outside the administration of your website and even with several people.

Why set the form to export to Google Sheets?

Connecting Google Sheets to forms is practical for several reasons.

  • Managing data outside of solidpixels administration.

  • Possibility to link tables to third-party extensions (see article on linkable extensions)

  • Possibility to view and work with data also on mobile devices (tablets, phones)

Export setup process

The data export is always set up for a specific form. To connect, you will only need the login credentials for the Google account where you want to store the data.

  1. Click on the form you want to export data from,
  2. Above the top right corner of the form, select Settings,
  3. Go to the Exports tab and check the Export to Google Sheets checkbox,
  4. A new tab will appear where you choose to link Solidpixels to your Google account
  5. At this point you will be redirected to the Google account login form
  6. After you have successfully entered your login credentials, you will see a successful link message in this window and you can close this window
  7. A new window will now appear in the export settings, for entering the name of the table
  8. Fill in a unique table name (if the name matches an existing table, the data will be exported to it)

Tip: Setting the same table and form naming

For ease of management, we recommend setting the same name for the form itself and for the table in your Google account. This way you know at a glance which form your visitor has filled out on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have forgotten our Google account login details, is it possible to view the collected data alternatively?

Yes, I am! Each individual form can be found in the administration of your website. Just visit Modules -> Form Data. The data is stored here even if the form is connected to a Google Sheet.

We have forgotten your Google account credentials. Can I set up an export to another account?

Yes, I am! There is a button in the form settings to disconnect Solidpixels from Google Sheets.

Where is the file with the uploaded data created?

The file can be found on the Google Drive of the linked account, i.e. https://drive., an individual file will be created for each form.

We have made the link, but the table does not appear in Google Drive.

As this is a third-party connection, it sometimes takes a while. To be sure, you can try filling out one form as a test run and then check in Administration " Modules " Form Data that you are saving the data from that form correctly. If so, the spreadsheet will surely appear in your Google Drive shortly.