Linking the form to Mailchimp

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MailChimp is a popular online marketing tool designed for mass email campaigns.

You can link your newsletter sign-up form directly to Mailchimp with solidpixels.Start expanding your contact database using the web.

Data export is always set for a specific form. To connect to Mailchimp you will need an API key and list ID:

  1. Click on the form you want to export data from,
  2. select Settings above the top right corner of the form,
  3. go to the Exports tab and check the export to Mailchimp option,
  4. a new tab will appear for export settings, fill in the API key and list ID,
  5. if you need double opt-in confirmation, you need to enable it in the site administration and in Mailchimp settings, see enabling double opt-in confirmation.

Where to get the API key?

You can get the API key in the Mailchimp administration:

  1. Log in to your Mailchimp account,

  2. go to the API key settings section,
  3. copy an existing API key or create a new one.

Where to get the list ID?

You can get the API key in the Mailchimp administration:

  1. in the main menu, select Audience,
  2. select the list you want to link to the form,
  3. click on Settings and select Audience name and defaults from the drop-down menu,
  4. on the top right you will find the Audience ID.

Enabling double opt-in confirmation

Double opt-in confirmation must be enabled in the form settings and in the Mailchimp administration:

  1. In the Mailchimp administration, go to the contact list detail,
  2. select the Settings tab and then Audience name and default,
  3. Enable double opt-in,
  4. in your website administration, go to the Mailchimp export settings,
  5. enable double opt-in confirmation for Mailchimp.

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