Resources and inspiration for web design

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Inspiration from the best

Awwwards - a daily updated gallery of the best web solutions in the world. The catalogue of websites can be searched by many criteria. - Profiles of web professionals and graphic designers where they upload their portfolios. You only need to filter the web category.

Pinterest - A public gallery of inspirational web solutions that appear when you search for keywords like "web design" "web inspiration".

Dribbble - Portfolios of professional web designers, which are divided according to the individual elements that make up the site. For example, menus, searchbar, charts, icons.

Free photo libraries

Unsplash - A photo bank that is free, updated daily, the photos are in high resolution and above all free. It is possible to search them by keywords.

Pexels - offers high quality and completely free photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). Photos are tagged and easy to search.

Foodiesfeed - thousands of gorgeous, high-resolution and arealistic food and drink photos, perfect for photo-based websites and bloggers

Pixabay - vector images, logotypes, photos, charts and many other graphics that are free if filtered correctly

Freepik - a gallery of vector and bitmap graphics where you can filter objects that are free

Cool Backgrounds - colorful generated backgrounds for website headers

Pikwizard - photo/videobank with more than 100 000 pictures of which more than 20 000 are exclusive and you won't find them anywhere else.

Paid photo banks

For photos, you typically have a choice between a simple and an extended licence. Use the extended license if you will be using the photos off-site, for promotional purposes, or to give to your suppliers. Individual photo banks also offer subscription plans that allow you to save money when you buy more photos.

Shutterstock - One of the world's largest photo banks. You can search by category or keyword.

Adobe Stock - Here you will also find perfect photos.

Istockphoto - Also great photos. Models come from all corners and nationalities of the world. - Czech professional photobank. The advantage is the search in Czech.


Iconfinder - Databank of individual icons and entire icon-sets. You only need to filter free icons if you don't want to pay for them

Istockphoto - Icons and icon sets can also be found in professional photo databases, e.g. here. - 1000 free icons created for web and apps


worldvectorlogo - World Brand Logos Database in SVG

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More inspiration for a better web

10 tips for faster work in solidpixels

10 tips for faster work in solidpixels

You know that feeling when you discover a great gadget that saves you a lot of work and that you can't imagine your life without a month later? Well, today we're going to show you exactly ten of them. What are you going to do with all that free time?

Anežka Řepík of Design for All: Accessible design is a competitive advantage in business

Anežka Řepík of Design for All: Accessible design is a competitive advantage in business

Anežka Adamíková is a design thinking specialist who is part of the team behind Zlín Design Week and, together with Jitka Smolíková, has recently founded the Design for All project, which deals with accessibility issues and how to design products and services for the widest possible audience. We talked with Anežka about universal design, the unmanaged websites of health institutions, the Scandinavian model or the need for interdisciplinary collaboration.

12 trending Google fonts combinations that will make your website stand out from the crowd

12 trending Google fonts combinations that will make your website stand out from the crowd

Creative play with typography is one of the most significant trends in the world of contemporary web design. Would you like to dive into this game and could you use some inspiration? Check out our selection of Google fonts combinations, which we've chosen based on their aesthetic qualities as well as their functionality, of course.